Foto 28-07-14 08 32 06In his workshop M° Matteo Mazzotti manufactures:
– Violins
– Violas
– Cellos
– Old-style instruments

Master Mazzotti uses classical models such as Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati and Scuola di Guastalla. Each instrument has its own Authenticity Certificate; mereover, the instruments manufactured with long-seasoned lumber (20 years) are branded too.

He also Repairs and restores:
– Violins
– Violas
– Cellos
– Classical guitars

foto nuove 047In full respect of traditional methods and original materials while searching the instrument original characteristics.
The most important restoration works are proved with pictures and descriptions of  the different work stages as well as X-ray photographs (if needed) to examine the instrument internal parts.

Matteo Mazzotti provides also for:
– instruments setting-up
– instrument expertises
– advice about any problem concerned to strings
– bow making

Do no hesitate and conctat the Luthier for any problem or information!