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  • Modern violins…

    Szeryng said: I regard violins as living creatures. it is a real sin to sell them or simply to keep them knowing that they will rarely or never be played. The prices ( of antique violins at auctions) have increased out of all proportions. What are the problems concerning antique violins? I have talked at […]

  • A never ending story, modern or old instrument?

    Antique=excellent; modern= inferior? Szeryng has owned many instrument though the years: two Stradivaris, one Andea Guarneri, a fine Gofriller, two Villuammes and of course the magnificent 1743″ Le Duc” Guarneri del Gesù. except the Guarneri del Gesù, Szeryng had given all of his instruments away. Two of his violins went to younger colleagues – Shlomo […]