Beginners Guide for Buying a Violin

Violins and guitars are easily the main passion for most music lovers since live concerts started trending. For those whom are passionate about music, getting driven by concerts and learning music is the first step most music lovers take. Violin is one musical instrument which is purchased for passion and collection purposes. However choosing your first violin can be a daunting task. You may be flummoxed with variety of options presented at shop and away. A perfect instrument is required to fit all your needs. You must know what things have to be considered before choosing your violin. Discussed here are the ins and outs of buying a violin.

Knowing your Needs

Understand your profile and needs in detail. This forms the significant first and foremost step. Decide what amount of use you have for the instrument. Make list of people who would use the violin. If you are going to buy it for your someone taking children violin lessons, consult your violin teacher beforehand. A beginner may not require a high caliber instrument, where’s an expert would. Knowing your budgetary constraints is of paramount importance. Violins can cost in price range of 100$ to even hundreds of thousands. Decide what sort of activities you are going to perform with it. From learning to teaching to orchestra to professional use, there is variety of purposes.

Deciding on Options

Some question stay very important since the beginning of commercial purchases. You are left with choices of renting and buying the instrument. There are equal amount of pros and cons in both these options. Renting a violin gives larger time for trying it beforehand. Moreover beginners tend to lose the instrument’s value with less knowledge in maintenance and lack of proficiency. Another age old question remains whether to buy a new violin or a used one. Most of the times the answer depends on your budget and type of second hand violins you can get. It depends largely on sellers too in regards to quality assurance.

Instrument Conditions

As a rule of thumb, do not buy a violin which doesn’t have label in it. A label alone can assure you of its make. If possible, avoid buying violins that are mass produced from makers in China or Hong Kong. These badly put violins stay unbalanced and hence give a hard experience playing it. Be specific on height

between the strings and fingerboard. Anything under 7 mm is ideal while anything over 1cm ends up horrible. If you are buying a violin for one taking children or toddler sans ordonnance violin lessons, get a resized instrument from professionals. Ensure the strings stay in top quality, since they are costly to replace. In addition, a good violin must bear the authenticity certificate countersigned by luthier manufacturer and with legal force, must have the stamp focus luthier manufacturer inside the violin. It must also be handmade, built and painted with materials of long maturation and natural paints.

Trying Before Buying- An Untrue Statement

A lot of people have a fixed mindset that you

have to go down to the violin shop and try out the violin before buying it. However, this is not true. This can be seen by the number of testimonials from our customers, some established professionals in the field of music, demonstrating the satisfaction for the excellent quality on the construction made entirely by hand and the validity of the sound. These violins are designed and manufactured to suit both beginner and professional violinists because each of the violins are unique, designed, and made to suit the customer. For many years, we ship instruments with a guarantee of security in the world.

Wrapping Up

This articles was written to help beginner violinists to select a suitable violin for themselves and make know to the professionals a high quality product made by the violin making method- Cremona. If you feel that you are ready to own a violin, visit our online violin shop. We have a large range of affordable violins for you to choose from. If you encounter any problems or questions, feel free to contact us by emailing us at

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