testimonials_4testimonials_3Hello maestro Matteo, I hope all is good… I’m writing to say hello and thank you for the Certificated and the invitation made us to eat these rich pizzas in Cremona… Would also like to let know you that I have 1 months and half playing the violin that your build to my and it has been developing a sonority very strong, powerful, especially warm, sweet and much depth is at the same time, very balanced… The E string is brilliant and powerful but sweet, A string is super warm and clear, D string sound robust and creamy, G string deep and powerful… Really congratulations for your work and is that this instrument is going to develop some very special qualities in the coming months, I’ll Keep you informed about the evolution of the instrument… An affectionate and extensive hug your wife… Sincerely, Joel

Joel Antonio Nieves Guillen –
(Assistant to the Concertmaster of the Orquestra Sinfonica Simon Bolivar de Venezuela)

I am Assistant Concertmaster of The Omaha Symphony (USA), and the happy onwer of one early instruments (2000).
I have a teenage daugheter who will be needing a fine violin of her own soon. I was planning on giving her my 2000 Mazzotti, wich I bought to use as a 2 nd instrument, but it has really matured into a beautiful souding fine instrument that is easy to play. I really am loathe to give it up, so I want to see if we could have two of your violins in the family. Is there a waiting list?
Thank you,

Cris Hake (Assistant Concermaster of The Omaha Symphony – USA)

Wonderful New Violin – lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

testimonials_2testimonials_1Hi Matteo,
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I am enjoying my new violin! It has really made my life as a professional violinist easier. The violin has a sweet but powerful resonance that makes it gratifying to play almost anywhere… outside quartet jobs, loud receptions, full symphonic fortissimo passages, I can always hear its tone and work to make beautiful music. I am even happier with it when playing in a good space. There is a sunny but rich quality to all of your violins I have heard that makes them fun to play in any musical style. My newest Mazzotti is richly blessed with that virtue.
**One of my colleagues has been shopping for a new instrument in the $50K – $70K price range and I have been able to hear some of his favorite choices along-side of my Mazzotti instruments. We did our comparisons in large spaces so we could really evaluate the fully developed tone of all the instruments. I was delighted with how well the tonal qualities of your violins matched, and often surpassed almost all of the more expensive instruments! *

Chris Hake (Concertmaster Omaha Symphonye Orchestra-Nebraska – USA)

Dear Matteo,

I tuned the violin up to pitch and played for hours, every piece that came into my head, from the last thirty year; notes I didn’t think that I still knew. It was an amazing experience. I will love exploring this instrument’s possibilities.Thank you so much,

[Frank Seligman – (Violinist of The Omaha Symphony – USA)]

Hi Matteo
> The violin is here. My first impressions are superb. Visually very attractive especially the back. The sound is much much better than I could ever have wished for. Quite outstanding. The G D and A strings are wonderful – especially the D. Until now, I have been playing an good Ceruti (dated Circa 1790 ) and your newly created violin has a much better tone with a faster, more precise and clear response. … It is already showing me how it likes to be played to bring out the best tone (that is impressive) I am so excited by its potential. I think it will be an exceptionally good instrument with a top quality sound and tone. I cannot wait to hear the improvement in six months time.
You are a very talanted young man and I am quite certain that you will become an international luthier with an immense reputation. I can’t thank the gods enough when they directed me to your website.
With many many thanks

[Jim Williamson- Chamber Violinist (France)]

I played the violin for four hours today and I love it. It is really very very comfortable – you did an amazing job! The sound is opening up well – I changed the E for a gold Evah and like it very much that way. Sei fantastico. Grazie mille.

(Alina- Violinist – USA)

I love this violin!!!! When i play, the notes sound so good andsolid!! The notes feel good!! I love the smell of the varnish. I am inlove with it. And it is still young!!!! i cant wait untillit comes alive!!! Thanks…..

(Jeff Giron -Violinist-USA)

“Yesterday (monday) I received the violin in good shape! At the first day I followed your instructions. My father is a skilled amateur violinmaker so I knowe some about this…. I practised on it for three hours tuned half a note down…. then today I had it on a rehersal at the Opera. I,m very satisfied with your violin and it will be great….but like alla new quality instruments it needs TIME and LOVE. Thank you so mutch for now! (soon I will order one more…)”

“Hello my friend! Now the violin is perfect !!! Its really fantastic with a coming soloist sound…. I just love it !!!”

(Stenros Tapani -Leader Violin – Sweden)

“Matteo, il violino e arrivato senza problemi! E un belissimo strumento, Bravo Maestro!!! Adesso vado a inizziare a suonarlo per che diventi con una sonorita di piu en piu migliore….. Grazie Mille e ancora Bravo!!! Ci sentiamo presto, ti farò sappere de la evoluzzione dil violino, vado anche a racomendarti a altri musiciste!�������������������

“…..solo per dirte che il violino sta diventando migliore di piu en piu migliore punto vista sonorità, Io sto suonando tutti giorni!! Di tutti i modi sono contentissimo con il violino!!! Bella manifatura.. bello violino….”

(Carlos Damas-Violinist- Portugal )

“ The violin sounds very good. When I sell it, I will order another one.Thanks, Benny Hurley.”

(Benny Hurley-Dealer-USA) [www.fiddlesansticks.com]

“Dear Matteo, today (20th) I received your violin and I am very happy to it’s nice sound and figure����is beautifull, top instrument! Sincerely, ”

(Osamu Nohara-Dealer-Japan) [www10.ocn.ne.jp/~gallevi/]

“Dear Matteo, violin safely arrived and the sound is powerfull, I will order again. May if I ask could you apply oil varnish. Anyhow I like your varnish as bright and well done. You must join violin competitions! As soon I record I will post on youtube a demo.”

(Yang Ming Chan-Violinist-Taiwan)

“ Mr.Matteo Mazzotti, just a few words to tell you that my new Mazzotti violin is an splendid instrument. Both the tone and its projection are outstanding. Also, It was a pleasure to do business with you, and I regard you equally good a violin maker as a trustworthy person to deal with. Please do not hesitate to refer me to your new clients. Best of luck.”

(Caesar Garcia- Violinist-S.Antonio Texas-USA)

“ Dear Matteo: I’m very happy to tell you that the violin is finally here today! I took a brief look and played it a little, and I’m very pleased. Thanks.”

(Patrick Shen- Violinist-Millbrae-California-USA)

“Dear Matteo, the violin arrived today! Everything is okay! The sound is very good. We never tought that a new violin could sound as good as this one. So we are very happy with it and we will make good business together. Thanks you also for the photo and photo gallery-CD. Best regards.”

(Michael Papai- Dealer- Austria) [www.violinsandmore.at]

“Dear Mr.Mazzotti, GreatMorning!!! I hope you are and all is good with you. So, I have been playng the strings off the violin. Yes it is sounding better and better every 10 minutes or so. It is opening up, quite the turn around from the firts impressions I had. I have aldready gotten many compliments on the looks so far. Even a few of my heart for putting all of yours into this fine, fine work. Spendid! The tone is warming up to be deep, rich and resonant. It is suprisingly even across all the strings, even in extreme high positions. The G strings is lush and powerful and has a nice cream like tone. All the strings are very creamy and rich. I will say that this violin may even surpass my firts. I can only imagine how this violin will sound in a few months of regular play. The papers are very nice, very impressive . After I have played it in a bit more I will tour this one to the interested shop owners and I am sure that they will be very interested. Again I want to thank you for sharing with me the awesome purity and might of your artristy.You are truly an amazing man. To make something so fine out a few pieces of wood is a miracle. I will covet and treasure this as long as I live. Thank you so,so much Mr. Mazzotti.

(William C. Buirge -Violinist-Minnesota-USA)

“The violin has arrived safely and I am very pleased with it. The design and the workmanship are beautiful and I love the varnish too, the violin sound beautiful! Thank you also for the nice case and the certificate, the photo and the CD which I enjoyed playing ( with the pictures of your violins)”

“Dear Matteo, I’m glad to hear all is going well with you. Yes, Im fine too. And enjoying playing your – Modello Ornati – violin which I think is very beautiful, thank you”

(Oliver Bedford, Collector of violins, Queenscliff- Australia)